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University of Georgia Professional Interpreter in Education Certificate

Format: Online, 30 hrs / 3.0 CEUs

Weekly live chats with students across the nation!

 October 10 - November, 2022

This foundation course is a highly acclaimed, online instructor-led class that allows you to interact with peers from all over the United States (and the world!), increase your professional knowledge of educational terminology in your target and source languages, enhance your career path, and better serve English Learner students and their families in your school community. There is no textbook to buy, and students are given a downloadable digital manual that is theirs to keep. Certificates are awarded to those who meet the course prerequisites for language proficiency, complete the program, and pass a final assessment. For additional information and to register securely, please visit: https://www.georgiacenter.uga.edu/courses/teaching-and-education/languages/professional-interpreters-edu


 University of Georgia Professional Interpreter in

Special Education Certificate 

Format: Online, 30 hrs / 3.0 CEUs

Weekly live chats with students across the nation!

September 12 - October 31, 2022

 The Professional Interpreter in Special Education Certificate Course is an advanced-level class that prepares seasoned interpreters to navigate complex regulatory, ethical and cultural issues involved in how school systems deliver special education services. You will learn the educational interpreter’s role in discussions of psychological evaluations, eligibility, Individualized Education Plans, reevaluations, and post-high school transition plans.  Through interactive discussions with students from all over the United States, practice and vocabulary-building exercises, you will also learn:

Concepts, components, and terminology of special education, special education legislation, applying the Interpreter’s Standards of Practice to promote trust and communication among parents and schools, consecutive and sight translation strategies, and much more! For additional information and to register securely, please visit:  https://www.georgiacenter.uga.edu/courses/teaching-and-education/professional-interpreter-special-education


From our students: "This course is unique and exceeded my expectations in every aspect. I absolutely recommend it." "The opportunity to discuss and work with people from across the United States is incredible! This course is of highest value to those who are interpreting in schools. Interpreting in a school setting is vastly different than a legal, community or medical setting and is needed to ensure best practices in the school setting." "This is the only quality course that I have found that is specific to education. It is a much needed course as are its companion courses. The instructor is amazing and it has been very insightful and given me information to better my practice." "Professor Soler is an amazing instructor. Her knowledge in abundant and she was a great conversation/discussion facilitator. She was respectful, professional and answered all small and big questions."