Intercultural Parent & Youth Leadership Programs

Stay tuned as we launch our newest initiatives to foster the leadership skills of English Learner parents and bilingual youth.  Our programs will aim to:

  • Strengthen the skills that multicultural parents have as they navigate between two or more cultures
  • Enhance the multicultural family’s resources to remain involved in their children’s education, improve home-school communication, and develop leadership skills
  • Support and provide targeted assistance to middle school and high school multicultural youth to remain on track for high school graduation and long-term economic self-sufficiency
  • Offer culturally-appropriate recreational activities, and career and educational opportunities to strengthen the multicultural youth’s self-esteem, confidence, and leadership skills. 
  • Allow bilingual youth the opportunity of exploring careers where their linguistic skills are appreciated (such as medical, educational and legal interpreters), demonstrating the financial and cognitive benefits of being multicultural and bilingual. 

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