We Know That Parental Involvement Matters!

But how do we communicate this across a rainbow of cultural and linguistic differences?


Our workshops are designed to give Educators, Parent Instructional Coordinators, Parent Liaisons, School Counselors and School Administrators, the tools needed to reach English Learner families and identify ways to create welcoming and inviting schools for all.  Topics include:

  • What is ‘culture’ and who has it?
  • Cultural humility vs competency
  • Who are “they”?
  • What do “their” schools look like?
  • How to build a culture of "Us"
  • Creative ways for English Learner parents to volunteer and collaborate with schools
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers to English Learner parent involvement 
  • Communicating with English Learner families (tools and resources)
  • Working effectively with trained interpreters and bilingual personnel
  • Using translated materials as communication bridges and educational tools

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Check out our 100 Bilingual Daily Comments tool to increase home-school communication with English Learner families.  Available in English/Spanish, English/Chinese, English/Arabic, English/Vietnamese, English/Korean and English/French.  Examples: “Had an excellent day/week”, “Needs to complete all homework”, “Is a good leader!”

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