02. January 2021
Conversation with a Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist
Check out our interview with Maria Romero, a Bilingual Speech and Language Pathologist. In our virtual chat, she shared with us key information regarding her role as a professional, speech and language milestones, communication skills and more.
23. November 2020
As professional interpreters in education, we understand the importance of accuracy, confidentiality and continuing education. As such, we take every opportunity to expand our knowledge and skills, always aiming to maintain clear communication among all parties.
09. November 2020
Libraries have always played a key role in education. Even during this new digital reality, libraries continue to be instrumental to literacy and language proficiency. Multilingual digital libraries are vital for our students and parents to access literacy resources in their native language. As the Intercultural Development Research Association states, “Students who learn English and continue to develop their native language, have higher academic achievement in later years than do students...