Speech and Language Pathology - Resources and Practice

As professional interpreters in education, we understand the importance of accuracy, confidentiality and continuing education. As such, we take every opportunity to expand our knowledge and skills, always aiming to maintain clear communication among all parties. Similarly, Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP), the communication experts, aim to provide the client/student with the tools needed to communicate successfully.


Speech and Language Pathologists also have the very important and difficult task of recognizing the difference between language acquisition and language disorders, to avoid underidentification or overidentification of students in special education. Next week, we will welcome a special guest who will answer some of the most common questions we face when we interpret for a Speech and Language Pathologist.


Need additional practice?? Click on this speech evaluation sample. https://www.slideshare.net/jsbartecchi/sample-evaluation-school-age-client?ref=https://www.pinterest.com/

1. Read the evaluation sample

2. Target difficult/unknown terminology

3. Access our Clearinghouse https://padlet.com/sesoincga/Resourceclearinghouse where you will find Speech and Language glossaries (Glossaries - Special Education column) in English, French and Spanish!


Do you have any additional Speech and Language resources?

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